Dibutyltin dilaurate is used in which products

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Dibutyltin dilaurate DBTDL
Product Description:
Dibutyltin dilaurate catalyst is abbreviated as DBTDL. Is a special liquefaction treatment of high boiling point multi-purpose organic tin catalyst, light yellow or colorless oily liquid, low temperature into white crystals. Soluble in benzene, toluene, ethanol, acetone, ethyl acetate, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, benzene, ethanol, petroleum ether and other common solvents and a variety of industrial plasticizers, insoluble in water, is a variety of chemical reactions as an important part of the catalytic system. It is not only used as an efficient catalyst in the manufacture of wood paint, PU coating, metal ink, adhesive and sealant, but also can be used as a catalyst for silicone rubber, a catalyst for the crosslinking reaction of acrylate rubber and carboxyl rubber, and a catalyst for the synthesis of polyurethane foam, as well as for efficient lubrication and stability in PVC plastic products. The amount of 0.01-2% can obtain good catalytic effect, the available temperature range is 80-240 ℃.
Main purpose:
★The drying agent in the coating and ink industry has excellent drying performance for bimolecular polyurethane, polyester, nitrocellulose paint, curing agent for coating, ink and other coatings and moisture curing coatings. It can accelerate PU curing in polyurethane advanced furniture paint, promote rapid drying of the paint film, and obtain smooth and excellent hardness paint film. In PU coating, its oxidation stability is good.
★Stabilizers and lubricants for PVC products PVC soft transparent products or semi-soft products, with barium stearate, cadmium stearate and other metal soaps or epoxy compounds and has good lubricity, transparency, weather resistance, and plasticizer Compatibility, no spray, no vulcanization pollution, no adverse effects on heat and printing. Such as: soft film, film, plastic shoes, hose and PVC conveyor belt, etc. In particular, it can be used as a catalyst for polyurethane foamed articles. In PVC rigid products, this product can be used as, with maleic acid organic tin or thiol organic tin, improve the fluidity of the resin material.
★In polyurethane foam plastics, PVC foam plastics, silicone rubber synthetic materials are used as catalysts and foaming activators.
★Used as a synthetic catalyst in various adhesives.