Monobutyltin trichloride (1200kg/IBC ton barrel, 45kg/barrel)

CS No. 214-263-6

Molecular formula: C4H9Cl3Sn

Molecular weight: 282.1833


physicochemical properties

Boiling Point93°C (10 mmHg) Density 1.72

Refractive index 1.5215-5245 Flash point: 328°C

SolubilitySoluble in water and most organic solvents Boiling point: 226.8°C at 760 mmHg



Can be used as a glass spray. Glass enhancer. known as hot end spray fluid (MBTC). 99% of the content can be madeLOW-E glassCoated, TCOPhotovoltaicGlass coated. Energy-saving conductive.

Key words: chemical raw materials, butyl tin full series, octyl tin full series, pharmaceutical intermediates


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