Dibutyltin dichloride (200kg/plastic blue drum)

Chinese name: Dibutyl tin dichloride

英文名称: Dibutyltin dichloride

MF: C8H18Cl2Sn

MW: 303.84

CAS: 683-18-1

Properties: light yellow nearly colorless crystal, with special odor, insoluble in water.

Tin content (%):≥ 38 specific gravity: 1.36 g/ml

freezing point (℃):43-45

Uses: can be used as pharmaceutical intermediates, but also with the mercapto ester synthesis of dibutyl tin mercaptide, can be reacted with caustic soda to generate dibutyl oxide.

Storage: Do not mix with acid, alkali, should be away from organic solvents, heat, moisture, sunscreen.

Packing: 250kg/barrel

Key words: chemical raw materials, butyl tin full series, octyl tin full series, pharmaceutical intermediates


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