Tributyltin oxide (25 or 200kg/plastic blue drum)

Molecular formula: C24H540Sn2

Molecular weight: 596.08

Properties: colorless or light yellow liquid

Specific gravity d(25 ℃): 1.165-1.65-175

Refractive index n(25 ℃): 1.480-490

Specification: content: ≥ 98%

Tin content Sn%:≥ 38.0%

Uses: Tributyltin oxide has high biological activity, as a disinfectant, fungicide. Widely used in wood preservative, ship paint, etc.

Caution: With high toxicity, accidentally stained clothes or skin should be immediately washed with water and soap thoroughly.

Packing: 25KG/barrel,/200KG/barrel

Key words: chemical raw materials, butyl tin full series, octyl tin full series, pharmaceutical intermediates


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