talent concept

We believe that talents are the most precious wealth of an enterprise. Adhering to the concept of using generation, reserve generation, and pre-research generation, the R & D team continues to break through technical difficulties and provide customers with more stable, reliable and environmentally friendly product solutions.


talent strategy

Ningxia Lingshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the "people-oriented" talent development idea, pays attention to talent training, encourages innovative spirit, constantly cultivates talents, excavates and exerts human talents. Be passionate, work hard, and do the most valuable things. The company shares benefits, values and dreams with everyone, and realizes the common development of employees and enterprises.


talent cultivation

Educating people is the basis of employing people. According to the characteristics of talents of different categories and levels, we should constantly improve and innovate the talent training mechanism, exercise theoretical training and practice, establish a wide coverage, multi-level and open talent training system, and gradually establish a new mode of talent training in line with the environment of group enterprises.

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Regional Manager of Domestic Trade


Junior college



Professional quality requirements:(1) Dare to challenge themselves, can bear hardships and stand hard work, diligent and pragmatic, has a good team spirit, has a high degree of execution, can withstand strong work pressure.(2.) Experience in leading a team of 10-15 peopleTreatment: basic salary, commission, bonus, management, bonus, regional bonus, five insurances and one bonus.Location: Ningxia Lingshi Nantong Branch or the geographical area of the manager.

Domestic trade personnel


Junior college



Professional quality requirements:Dare to challenge themselves, can bear hardships and stand hard work, diligent and pragmatic, has a good team spirit, has a high degree of execution, can withstand strong work pressure.Main work contents:Responsible for following up regional customers assigned by the company and responding to customers' order requirements and problems; tracking customer product usage and maintaining customer relationships; regularly completing quantitative work requirements, and being able to independently handle and resolve customer feedback issues.Treatment: basic salary commission bonus five insurance Location: Ningxia Lingshi Nantong Branch or the geographical area to which the business personnel belong.

Foreign trade salesman


Junior college



Job Description:Basic 1. requirements: diligent and pragmatic, proactive, with a good team spirit, with a high degree of execution, can withstand strong work pressure, strong stability, determined to engage in foreign trade industry for a long time.2. degree: Junior College degree or above, major in Business English, International Trade, Marketing or relatedThird, quality requirements:1. Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, able to write business English letters quickly and skillfully, good oral English;2, proficient in foreign trade process, can master the overall process from looking for customers to the final delivery of tax refund.3. Familiar with international trade laws, regulations, conventions and practices.Job description:1. Use the network platform to develop overseas markets, seek to track overseas customers, sort out and reply to inquiries and do a good job of follow-up in the later period.2, timely understanding of market information, maintenance of the company, network platform background data and do a good job in the release of new products;3. Maintain good communication with customers, maintain good relations with old customers, and be responsible for the promotion and sales of products in foreign markets;4, grasp the customer's needs, take the initiative to develop, complete the task indicators issued by the superior;5, collect business information, grasp the market dynamics, timely report to the leadership of the market;Location of foreign trade personnel: Nantong Branch of Ningxia Lingshi New Materials Co., Ltd.4/F, Block A, Building 3, Haoying International Energy Center, Chongchuan District, Nantong City (500 m east of Nantong Railway Station)

Office clerk in Russia





Job Description:Two clerks in Russia. Russian or Chinese nationalityRequirements: Familiar with Russian and English.Two years and above sales experience in Russia.Treatment: Negotiable.Work Location: Moscow